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Adventure in Every Cup

Our own fascination with tea, and the impetus for this business, arose out of travels abroad. We'd like to share some of the wonderful experiences we've had "in pursuit of tea."

Japan Matcha
The question was about how matcha tea is made and how it's different from the other leaf teas. Here I relate some details from one of my previous trips to Japan.  November 2010
Laos Old Trees
Trip to visit old tea trees in Laos. February 2010
Burmese Pickled Tea Leaves
Northern Burma is an area often overlooked in the search for tea. But this region is included in the area where the tea plant originated. 2002
Lush Lanka
Sebastian traveled to Sri Lanka about three weeks after the tsunami hit. Here is an account of his trip. 2005
Taiwan's Tung Ting Oolong
This 1999 trip to Taiwan should give you a taste of how much tea can be consumed in a day.
Tea & Exploration
For most of us, drinking tea is something we do for pleasure. Yes, it also helps us to wake up and stay alert but we also find pleasure in the preparation and drinking process. It can be a moment of calm or ritual or just a daily task. 2003
Teas from Yunnan
This week we are enjoying some green teas from Yunnan Province in China. Yunnan is located in southwestern China, and borders Laos, Burma, and Vietnam. This is the region where the tea plant is thought to originate.
Two Weeks in China
Great themes make for great trips. To wit: tea. "It's a simple beverage," says our leader Sebastian Beckwith, "just water and leaves. But it contains worlds."
Bhutan Wedding, First Flush in Darjeeling
Two friends got married in Bhutan and then again in India. The timing coincided perfect with First Flush, the first picking of Darjeeling tea leaves.
The Banjhi Leaf of Darjeeling
Sebastian spent time in Darjeeling in 2002, just at the end of the First Flush season and the beginning of the little known Banjhi period. Here are his notes on the his trip.
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