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Moon-Shaped Sheng Bingcha (100 g) Tsunami Daxue Bingcha (380 g) Blessed Forever Daxue Bingcha (380 g) Tsunami Banzhai Bingcha (380 g)
Daxue "Blessed Forever" | In Pursuit of Tea
Folk Art Bingcha (380 g) Purple Tips Brick (500 g) Menghai Brown Bingcha (357 g) Menghai Hun Wai Bingcha (380 g)
Jingmai Brick (1 kg) Shu (Black) Pu-erh Loose Leaf (4 oz) Pu-erh Mao Cha 2013 (2 oz) Pu-erh Bingcha Sampler
Shu (Black) Pu-erh Loose Leaf | In Pursuit of Tea
Yiwu Green Pu-erh Bingcha Tea Samples Xia Guan Sheng Bingcha (357 g) Pu-erh Knife
TS001 - Tea Samples
Seven Sons Shu Bingcha (380 g) Bamboo Stick Pu-erh
Pu-erh [POO-urr] tea comes from the Yunnan Province in southern China. It is fermented after processing and then aged. This is the only tea which is intentionally aged - the others are always better fresh. The aged tea, often formed into bricks or cakes of different shapes and sizes, tends to get smoother and richer with age. Rare pu-erhs can be 30 years old. Chinese and French studies have documented many health benefits associated with this tea.

Watch video of "Breaking Apart a Pu-erh Bing Cha"

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