Jasmine Pearls (4 oz - 1 lb)
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These wonderfully fragrant pearls are soothing to drink and magical to watch, as they slowly unfurl into beautiful leaf and bud sets.

Traditional production technique is what sets this version apart: Crafted solely from spring-picked, southern Chinese green tea and fresh jasmine blossoms, each individual pearl is a set of tender, silvery leaf buds, individually rolled by hand and then dried amid the fresh flowers to naturally absorb their intense scent. The tea is intermingled with the night-blooming jasmine over a period of five to seven consecutive evenings—which is when most of its essential oils are released. The flowers are carefully removed each time, leaving a tea redolent of floral sweetness.

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Country: China
Region: Fujian Province
Tasting Notes: floral, sweet, light
Year of Production: Summer 2015

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1 pound
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Jasmine Pearls

Jasmine teas are primarily produced in Fuding, Fujian Province, China. The Jasmine flowers were native to the Persian Gulf, and according to some sources was brought to China in the 3rd Century.

We were never terribly enthusiastic about jasmines until we had a friend make these.

Our Jasmine Pearls are processed by taking the fine young leaf-and-bud sets picked in April of each year. They are then rolled into pearls, carefully stored until late June, when jasmine trees blossom with thousands of flowers per tree.

The tea is then separated into mesh trays and placed in a heated drier. In between each tray of tea pearls, a mesh tray of freshly picked jasmine flowers is placed. The drier gently blows 80-degree air through the tea and the blossoms, allowing the tea to gently absorb the scent of the flowers. In the morning the trays are removed, and the pearls are re-fired to remove any moisture absorbed from the blossoms, and then they are packed into chests and prepared for shipment. Often the blossoms will be saved and used over the next few nights on lesser-quality teas. The only aid to the scenting process is the gently blowing warm air of the drier.

Less expensive Jasmine Pearls and Jasmine teas do exist in the market. These teas can be quite old (more than 18 months since harvesting), or are summer-picked teas rather than spring-picked. Other tricks in the trade to cut corners and reduce costs are to perfume the teas with oils in combination with scenting, or using several-day-old blossoms rather than freshly picked blossoms. Top-quality jasmine teas often have only a few blossoms in with the tea, as most are carefully removed and reused for scenting lesser-quality teas.

  • Start with your favorite spring or filtered water. Preheat the teaware. Use a large strainer basket to allow the leaves to open and release their flavor.
  • Temperature: 180 F Time: 2-3 minutes
    3g / 6 oz serving = 1 teaspoon
    Play with the amount of tea, the water temperature, and steeping time to re-steep - rely on taste, not color. Get to know the tea! Try it gong-fu style - use a lot of leaf and short steeps for multiple infusions.
  • For more about brewing tea, visit our Brewing Notes page.

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