Golden Yunnan (4 oz)
Golden Yunnan Black Tea | In Pursuit of Tea
Golden Yunnan Black Tea | In Pursuit of Tea
This black tea is made in southern China, and consists of tender buds and leaves from a large leaf variety. When oxidized, these silky buds turn a beautiful golden color and yield a smooth, caramel and woody flavor, with notes of mint. The scent of tobacco and eucalyptus lasts through multiple infusions.

Country: China
Region: Yunnan
Tasting Notes: Honey, hay, tobacco
Year of Production: Winter 2012

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In Pursuit of Tea Yunnan Gold

Unique Processing - Pile Fermentation

Many factors are involved in giving this tea its wonderfully complex flavor. Consisting mainly of high-quality buds that are painstakingly hand picked, these tender, young leaves are covered with fine down. The leaves are then sun withered and placed into a temperature controlled 'fermentation room' that is around 80 F with 85% humidity, to undergo a unique process called 'pile fermentation'. Small amounts of water is sprayed onto the leaves, then covered with heavy hemp fabric, to help trap the heat inside. Pile height, pile temperature, and method of piling are under constant supervision. This sauna-like environment starts the fermentation process, which eventually causes the buds to turn gold, rather than black. The water content vs. dryness and temperature of the leaves are also constantly monitored, as the success of this process will determine its golden color. Every couple of hours, the leaves need to be turned over, with special care taken not to break the tips of the buds. Thus, no shovels or machinery are used...they do it all by hand...for forty days! This labor intensive process, along with the quality of the buds, is what makes this artisanal tea truly unique.

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 In Pursuit of Tea
  • Start with your favorite spring or filtered water. Preheat the teaware. Use a large strainer basket to allow the leaves to open and release their flavor.
  • Temperature: 212 F (boiling)     Time: 2-3 minutes
    Amount: 3g / 6 oz serving = 1 rounded tablespoon
  • Play with the amount of tea, the water temperature, and steeping time to re-steep - rely on taste, not color. Get to know the tea! Try it gong-fu style - use a lot of leaf and short steeps for multiple infusions.
  •  For more about brewing tea, visit our Brewing Notes page.

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