Phoenix Ginger Flower (2 oz)
Phoenix Ginger Flower Oolong | In Pursuit of Tea
Phoenix Ginger Flower Oolong | In Pursuit of Tea

Wu Dong Mountain, in Guangdong Province, China, is known for its ancient terraced slopes and tree-sized tea plants that produce solely phoenix oolongs. This beautifully hand-twisted tea is from the ginger flower varietal, Jiang Hua Xiang. The highly aromatic leaves produce a distinctive, heady honey-sweet aroma, and deep flavors of ripe melon and citrus. A balanced sweet-woody flavor and intense floral fragrance last through many infusions.

Country: China
Region: Guangdong Province
Tasting Notes: floral, sweet, woody
Year of Production: Winter 2012

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Phoenix Oolongs - True Artisan teas
Local Tea Culture
Gong fu cha has its origins in Northern Guangdong Province, and its local culture have been drinking and appreciating oolongs for several centuries. Gong fu cha not only encompasses great skill in preparing tea, but in creating the tea itself - from the style of picking the leaf, to long process of rolling and roasting afterwards, which are laboriously hand crafted. "Feng Huang", i.e. Phoenix, a renowned mountain range near the city of Chao Zhou, has been producing oolongs since the Tang Dynasty (780 AD), commanding some of the highest prices in China. The locals consume large quantities of this tea, and understand its complexities and nuances through their masterful gong fu style, which entails several short infusions in gaiwans.

Watch Mr. Liu steep some Phoenix tea, gong fu style

What makes Phoenix Oolongs Unique?
Referred to in China as 'dancong', this translates into 'single grove' tea. When mature, they become small trees. Growing high up in the mountain, they are often shrouded in fog, their trunks and branches patterned with pronounced lichen. It takes longer for the leaves to mature in these high elevations, especially if the tree is older. Therefore the yields are much lower than other oolongs that grow on bushes in large estates. Many farmers have small groves, and prize their older trees, which usually produce higher quality teas.

Another unique and special characteristic of Phoenix teas is the wide range of its fragrances. These fragrances occur naturally and come from different trees. That means no flowers or other elements are added to the leaves in the drying process.
Honey Phoenix Oolong, Single grove - Spring 2010
Our tea was grown on Mt. Wu Dong, which has one of the highest peaks (1398m) in the Phoenix Mountain range. Completely hand picked and carefully processed, these teas undergo a lengthy, slow roast over wooden charcoal, in Mr. Liu's small farmhouse. Mr. Liu's family has been in the tea business for several generations, and makes award winning teas. This tea has a toasty, honey note to it, and we recommend steeping it several times to experience the full arc of its flavor.


Start with your favorite spring or filtered water. Heat the water to a boil.

Western Brewing Method: Use a tablespoon (3g) for a 6oz serving.

Steep for 1 minute. Remove the leaves when ready -- rely on taste, not color. Use a large enough strainer basket to allow the leaves to open and release their flavor.

Gong Fu style: use a small clay pot or gaiwan, and lots of leaf for multiple infusions. Steep for 30 seconds for each infusion. Get to know the tea by playing with the amount of leaf, the water temperature, and steeping time. Re-steep to make another cup!

For more about brewing tea, visit our Brewing Notes page.

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