Oriental Beauty (2 oz)
Oriental Beauty

These leaves begin to wither while still on the bush because of a unique natural process: leaf hopper insects bite the edges of the leaf, resulting in a fragrant sweetness that makes this tea so prized. Originally developed to emulate Darjeeling tea, itís well known for its unique, intense warm honey fragrance. This lotís light, sweet flavor deepens through subsequent steepings.

Country: Taiwan
Region: Hsinchu
Tasting Notes: honey, fragrant sweetness
Year of Production: Summer 2013

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A deeply oxidized oolong from central Taiwan, with an intense, honey-sweet aroma and flavor.

  • Start with your favorite spring or filtered water. Do a quick rinse to preheat the teaware and awaken the leaves. Use a large strainer basket to allow the leaves to open and release their flavor.
  • Temperature: 212 F (boiling) Time: 2-3 minutes
    Amount: 3g / 6 oz serving = 1 tablespoon
  • Play with the amount of tea, the water temperature, and steeping time to re-steep - rely on taste, not color. Get to know the tea! Try it gong-fu style - use a lot of leaf and short steeps for multiple infusions.
  • For more about brewing tea, visit our Brewing Notes page.

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