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Our teas are season dependent, and the freshest batches from the spring and winter seasons arrive by airfreight to make available to our consumers. Some teas, like pu-erh, are aged, and some, like matcha, are made year round. This section also includes our back in stock and new teaware.
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Bulong Shan Small Bingcha (100 g) Menghai Hun Wai Bingcha (380 g) Menghai Brown Bingcha (357 g) Purple Tips Brick (500 g)
Sencha Akogare (2 oz) Sencha Tsuyuhikari (2 oz) Sencha Fukamushi (4 oz) Spring Fortune (2 oz)
Sencha Fukamushi Green Tea | In Pursuit of Tea
Tsunami Daxue Bingcha (380 g) Darjeeling 1st Flush, Glenburn Estate (2 oz)