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Tea Pairs with Food and Celebrations

Our cuisine level teas are steeped in flavor and tradition.  If you are planning a wedding or event, one of our knowlegeable Tea Sommeliers can assist you with food pairings, presentation and service. Call us toll free at 866.878.3832.
Tea Sommelier Service
Planning an event? In Pursuit of Tea offers sommelier services for intimate gatherings or gala receptions.  
Wedding Customs from China
Tea plays an important role in Chinese wedding rituals including betrothal, matchmaking, doweries and entertaining guests. "In the Ming Dynasty, a bride to be had to drink tea when she accepted the offer of marriage. It was a common belief that once the seeds of a tea tree was planted, it could not be moved. Moving the tree would mean death for the plant. Thus the drinking of the tea symbolized staying true to one person throughout one�s life."
Thoughts on Tea and Food Pairings
Why pair tea with food? Pairing tea with food is an adventure in flavors. It is also a good way to get to know the variety in the world of tea. Tea provides an extensive range of tastes, similar to that of wine but without alcohol.
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