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In Japan, matcha translates to powdered tea. This is a beverage where the tea leaves are consumed, not strained like most other teas. Famous for being the tea celebrated in the Japanese Tea Ceremony, it can be enjoyed with or without ritual. The vibrant green color in matcha comes from careful cultivation. Tea plants are covered with mats several weeks prior to harvest, making it difficult for them to receive sunlight. In this struggle, the plant produces more chlorophyll and its leaves become supple. Once harvested, the leaves are dried, de-veined (stems removed) and stone-ground into powder.

Our matcha comes from the Kyoto Region of Japan, the traditional and most important growing region for matcha. The soil, climate and cultivation techniques in Kyoto produces the worlds most sought after matcha. When tasting it, we find the bitterness, sweetness and mildness are all in balance.

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100g Matcha: Wako Thin Tea Grade 20g Matcha: Wako Thin Tea Grade 20g Matcha: Unkaku Thick Tea Grade Chashaku (Matcha Spoon)
Matcha Wako Thin Grade Tea | In Pursuit of Tea Chashaku Matcha Spoon | In Pursuit of Tea
Chasen (Matcha Whisk) 100g Matcha: Wakatake, Iced Grade Matcha Whisk Holder Chawan (Matcha Bowl) - Yellow
Matcha Whisk | In Pursuit of Tea Matcha Wakatake Tea | In Pursuit of Tea Matcha Whisk Holder | In Pursuit of Tea Chawan, Matcha Bowl
Chawan (Matcha Bowl) - Turquoise Chawan (Matcha Bowl) - White Chawan (Matcha Bowl) - Red Clay