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Videos and Pictures of Tea Growing Regions
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Anhui Province, China

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Assam, India
Serious tea planting in India started with the British and was done in a plantation style instead of the small farms which are so prevalent in China. India is known for its black tea production, Darjeeling and Assam have become household names the world over. Now there is much experimentation as Indian tea estates produce other types of tea as well.

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Myanmar (Burma)

Along with other countries in the golden triangle and Eastern India, Myanmar is home to old tea trees and is part of the region where the tea plant originated. They have a special tea culture that includes eating tea leaves as well as drinking tea.

Fujian Province, China
Fujian Province is important to the tea industry because they produce many different types of tea. White tea originated here and is still grown in the Northern coastal region today. Tiequanyin oolong and the Cliff oolongs from the Northwest are famous worldwide. Green tea, Black (Red) tea as well as teas scented with flowers are also produced here. This photo is from the Wuyi Mountains where the Cliff teas are grown.

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Japan specializes in green tea, with a range of styles quite different from the Chinese greens. Most of their teas are steamed after picking and have a rich, dark green color.

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Sri Lanka
Historically known as Ceylon, the tear drop shaped island just south of India has a very productive tea industry. They produce many styles of black tea, most of which is sold at auction in Calcutta. The climate is such that tea can be grown all year around.

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Taiwan makes a range of handcrafted oolongs in a different style than the Chinese oolongs. They are light and green and fragrant as well as more oxidized, darker and almost as full of flavor as a black tea. The high quality teas are sought after by tea aficionados all over the world.
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Thailand is located in South East Asia, and its northern tip forms part of the golden triangle. This is the region where the tea plant traces its origin to. We find the tea tradition here turning to oolong, which they are growing in the Taiwanese style. The traditional large leaf Yunnan tea trees are more valued across the border in China where they are used to make Pu-erh. The climate is also great for herbs and spices. We work with some local farmers who grow the ingredients found in some of our Chais.

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Hong Kong, China. Preparing Pu-erh Tea to Drink

The dramatic scenery and city of Hong Kong has been a very important place for the history of the tea industry. It was the main trading port where the Europeans loaded their boats with tea from the interior of China. Oolongs and Pu-erh teas are especially popular. Much of the Pu-erh tea produced in Yunnan has been aged and enjoyed here for generations.

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Yunnan, China.

The origin of tea plant traces its roots to Yunnan Province in southern China. Tea culture began here as well, before being exported to other countries around the world. China is known for it's skill in producing all the different styles of tea, including Pu-erh.

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