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Tea Sommelier Services

Planning an event?
In Pursuit of Tea offers sommelier services for intimate gatherings or gala receptions.  
Tea pairs well with food and offers a tasteful alternative to alcoholic beverages
Tea is traditional part of Chinese wedding rituals and ceremonies
Tea menus are custom designed to blend with your menu and party atmosphere
The Tea Sommelier ensures teas are brewed and served according to the highest culinary standards
Contact Sebastian Beckwith at, or 1.866.878.3832

What is a Tea Sommelier?
Knowledgeable person who will plan a tea menu based on the food, budget and party atmosphere. The Tea Sommelier trains staff to ensure teas are brewed and served to the highest culinary standards.

Why tea?
Tea is a great compliment to food.  Like wine, tea spans a range of flavors and textures and can be paired with food based on taste and ingredients.  Tea is a rich and satisfying beverage on its own and a flavorful alcoholic free alternative for guests.  Tea can also be used as an ingredient in cocktails, sorbets and chocolates.  Display teas make an elegant and festive presentation when served in a wine or brandy glass.  And private labeled samples go well in goodie bags. There are many, many creative ways to include tea in your party menu and table settings.

What is the lead time? What's involved?
The Tea Sommelier will meet with you in person or over the phone to learn the details of your event. Soon after she will present a tasting menu and budget to you.  Once the details are arranged, a tea menu can be ordered and delivered in about two weeks.

We already have a food caterer and party planner.
We offer trainings to caterers and kitchen staff, coordinate budgets and menus to event planners and take care of shipping and delivery to your site.

We'd like to have a Tea Tasting Counter, next to the Espresso Bar, at our Event?
We can do that.  

How much does it cost?
Price is based on number of people and tea selection.  Accessories are extra and an on-site trainings and service are billed by the hour.

Can we sample your teas?
Yes.  The Tea Sommelier can send you samples and/or arrange a private tasting at mutually convenient location. Or, if you like, take the train to Cornwall and we'll show you around the station.

Which teas are available?
In Pursuit of Tea are purveyors of single estate teas seasonally available.  The selection changes frequently. The Tea Sommelier will plan a tasting menu for your event based on your budget, theme and mood of your event.

Is there a minimum?
We are expert at creating a menu and tea service for any size event, from small intimate gatherings to gala receptions with hundreds of guests. No minimum required.

Can we include tea in a goodie bag for our guests to take home?
Yes.  In Pursuit of Tea can package sample sizes of tea with a private label available to your guests as a party favor.

How do I contact the Tea Sommelier at In Pursuit of Tea?
Sebastian Beckwith can be reached at or 1.866.878.3832
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