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Assam Tea

Assam is the single largest tea-growing region on Earth, a rainy tropical plain adjacent to Bangladesh and Burma, bordering the Brahmaputra River. Assam produces only black tea and proves that great tea does not always need to be grown at high elevations. Like Keemun or some Taiwanese oolongs, this is low-grown tea and it deserves its reputation as one of the world's strongest. It is unfailingly full-bodied and prized for its unique malty characteristic.

The dry leaf is sometimes full of tawny-colored tips or buds, like some Yunnan black teas; extremely tippy Assam can taste unusually fruity.

Assam produces a strong, aromatic liquor, orange-red to dark red in color, which blends well with milk and sugar because of its natural astringency. This is why the better Assam teas are prized, especially in Germany's Ostfriesland on the coast of the North Sea, and for American blends of Irish breakfast tea.

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