Airtight Storage Canister
Airtight Storage Canister
Patented airtight storage can, holds about 1-2 lbs of tea. Push button draws air out and keeps tea fresh. Black plastic.  About 8 in. high and 4 in. diameter.

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In Pursuit of Tea Tea Storage
Taking care of your tea
Great tea requires careful processing to achieve the fine balance of flavor and aroma. Once exposed to oxygen and moisture, this balance is inevitably altered, and the quality of the tea starts to slowly deteriorate. To increase our chances of enjoying tea at its best, the first place to start is with proper storage.
Keep away from air, light, heat, moisture and odors
These five elements will eventually cause tea to alter or lose its flavor. Keeping tea in an airtight container will prevent this from happening. Store in cool, dry places, and avoid placing it near any heat. Do not store tea in the refrigerator (except for long term storage of green teas), as condensation can ruin the leaves. Finally, all teas will leave some residual odor in whatever they are stored in, so make sure to wash the container out well if reusing for other teas.

Pu-erh teas are the exception, as slight air exposure and variable temperatures actually help them age better. However, it's important to keep them away from odors and excessive moisture.

Our loose leaf tea comes in light-proof, re-closeable bags. Layers of foil-lined plastic keeps the tea fresh for several months. Many companies use traditional tins with flashy packaging, but most of its folded-seams are NOT totally airtight. As tea sits on a store shelf for months, the disappointing result is loss of flavor.

How long will tea stay fresh?
If stored properly, many teas can stay fresh for up to a year. Keep in mind that every tea is different, and many variables can affect the storage conditions. The less oxidized the leaf, the more delicate that tea is, which means it will lose flavor more quickly when exposed to air. This is especially true for white and green teas, while blacks and darker oolongs tend to retain flavor longer, sometimes even up to two years! In general, try to drink teas within a few months of purchase. Think of it like the dried herbs in your kitchen - tea won't spoil, but over time its aroma and flavor will diminish.

Decorative containers, boxes or tins
For personal consumption, every culture has their own unique storage methods. In Japan, matcha is kept in decorative containers that are only meant to hold tea for a short time. Many are exquisitely crafted in bamboo, ceramic, lacquer or wood. In China, aged Pu-erh teas are often stored in earthenware containers that are not airtight, because this particular tea needs to "breathe" as it ages over time. Chinese teas often come sealed in foil, within decorative cardboard canisters or round tins. Indian teas are widely kept in airtight square tins, which was an influence left over from the British.
Airtight and lightproof containers are best
These sturdy, non-porous containers come with a silicone seal and clamp-down lid. Our Beehouse canisters are made in Japan, and both our restaurant clients and customers alike find it very reliable for keeping tea fresh.

How much tea for which size container? It all depends on your tea! Full leaf white teas are voluminous and take up more storage space than a tightly rolled oolong. You can always store what you can in a container, and drink first what is left in our re-sealable bag.

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